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The Helsinki City Theatre will be renovated with history in mind


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The Helsinki City Theatre will be renovated with history in mind

The theatre’s renovation is a 56 million euro project, which will be completed in January 2017. The largest challenges are the renewal of building services, as the ventilation and electric systems will be renewed completely in order to achieve modern standards.

The theatre’s roof will be renewed and the custom-made ceramic tiles in the facade and the wall of the 19.5-metre high stage tower will be replaced and cleaned one by one. The current tiles were made in 1967 at Arabia’s factory.

The City Theatre is an outstanding example of 1960s modern architecture, and this is why our experts will follow detailed protection regulations while working in the location.

We will operate in accordance with our operational model description. Our duties have included budget calculations, scope calculations and structural element assessment, and we have also been analysing options, compiling development propositions in order to improve economics and assessing risks and the financial efficiency of the contract offers. The information model has been utilised whenever possible.

In the project, we acted as the client’s cost specialist. We compiled a budget based on the preliminary plans and researched the economics of various engineering solutions by compiling specified cost estimates. Structural element estimates were compiled during the planning stages in order to ensure keeping within the budget. Additionally, a detailed, performance-based quantity calculation was carried out for the contractors in accordance with Talo-80 nomenclature during the tendering process.