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Architectural design for renovations

The building design of existing buildings provides a solid basis for the functional development of facilities and changes to them. We help implement renovation projects in a user-oriented and cost-effective way. At the same time, we ensure that renovation makes more sense than new construction in terms of cost, functionality and the environment.

Multidisciplinary expertise in the architectural design of renovation projects

We make use of Sweco’s multidisciplinary expertise in areas such as energy efficiency in the building design of renovation and conversion projects. We also bring new perspectives to architectural design from our international network. We guide the entire design team towards common goals in a controlled way, ensuring agile and reliable delivery of projects big and small. You can also read more about the architectural design of new buildings.

Digital tools illustrate design solutions

We use illustrative digital tools, such as virtual and augmented reality, for the architectural design of renovation projects based on information models. Visualising information helps those involved compare options, understand complex entities and make informed decisions. It also supports interaction and communication with future users of the facilities, the property owner and other stakeholders.


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