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Building design

Building design is the starting point for every construction project and a bridge between different design branches. We help implement construction projects in a user-oriented and cost-effective way. The work of our architects involves solving complex problems and reconciling divergent opinions. The end result is not only balanced and feasible, but also functional for users, environmentally sustainable and a valuable addition to the cityscape.

Multidisciplinary expertise in the architectural design of new buildings

We make use of Sweco’s multidisciplinary expertise in areas such as carbon footprint calculation, green factors and energy solutions in the design of new buildings. We also bring new perspectives to architectural design from our international network. We guide the entire design team towards common goals in a controlled way, ensuring agile and reliable delivery of projects big and small. Also read more about architectural design for renovations.

Digital tools illustrate building design solutions

We use illustrative digital tools, such as virtual and augmented reality, for architectural design based on information models. Visualising information helps those involved compare options, understand complex entities and make informed decisions. Digital methods also support interaction with the users of the premises, property owners and other stakeholders.


One of the key questions in Tripla’s architectural design was how to take the scale of a small person into account so that the huge building doesn’t become crushing. In building design, a lot of thought has been given to how the building will be attractive to the passer-by both outdoors and indoors.

The giant construction project Tripla has been done by many actors. Sweco was responsible for the main, architectural and building design of its eastern third, ie the station block, and, together with Arkkitehdit Soini & Horton, for the urban design of the whole.

Rakennesuunnittelua: Triplan ilmakuva

Sweco Architects is an old partner of Sponda, and Väritehtaankatu deepens the cooperation further. Objectives in accordance with Sponda’s strategic focus areas, i.e. customer experience and environmental responsibility, were central in this project, too.

The task was to create an office and business building in a logistics hub in the Helsinki Metropolitan area next to the station on the main railway track that would take full advantage of its optimal location and offer a headquarters-level setting for even the most challenging tenants.


In summer 2019, the nationally unique theatre restaurant Linnateatteri moved to the premises of an old cinema in the Turku city centre. Architectural design focused on preserving the spirit of the old building, while achieving a record number of accessible seats.

Linnateatteri is one of Finland’s largest private theatres, both in terms of seats and shows. Furthermore, the entertaining musical shows at Linnateatteri always attract media attention.

Mikko Vuorenhela

Helsinki and Southern Finland, Regional Director, Architect SAFA

Pekka Ojalammi

Chief Designer, Project Manager

Markus Makkonen

Helsinki and Southern Finland

Timo Koljonen

Architect, Head Designer, learning environment

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