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Urban and regional planning

Urban planning focuses on finding and creating the solutions that work best.

Urban planning is about envisioning the best opportunities

Urban planning focuses on finding and creating the solutions that work best. We steer regional development projects in the right direction from the start. The project development can involve a large or small functional unit, such as a residential block, business park, a single plot or a larger area of land. We envision the various possibilities in a comprehensive way, so that the project can proceed in a controlled manner to a local detailed plan amendment or more detailed project planning.

Sustainable regional development on the terms of business

In urban planning, we examine large entities from many different perspectives, such as lifecycle costs and carbon footprint. We aim to create climate-resilient urban environments that support people’s well-being. We take into account the existing built environment, human values, biodiversity and the cityscape. Together with landscape planners, we find the best overall solution to develop the area sustainably for uses such as housing, business or industry.

All experts and additional studies under one roof

As a large expert company, we are able to examine regional entities together with professionals from different fields. We provide urban development projects with all the necessary experts and additional studies, including cost, energy and carbon footprint calculations. Projects proceed swiftly and without unnecessary intermediate steps, as the experts in traffic and infrastructure planning and land use and town planning are also available in the same company.

Digital tools illustrate design solutions

We use illustrative digital tools, such as virtual and augmented reality, for urban planning based on information models. Visualising information helps those involved compare options, understand complex entities and make informed decisions. Gamified methods also support interaction with local residents, businesses and other stakeholders.

The Airut block demonstrates the diversity and community spirit of urban residential construction

The Airut block in the Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki not only includes apartments, but also offers services, business premises and offices that liven up the urban culture. The building design combined innovations in energy technology with equal and community-based architecture.

“The objective was to create a functional whole in the heart of Jätkäsaari with diverse apartments, high-quality services and innovative solutions in energy technology,” explains Director Of Development Juha Vihma from Sweco. The block, completed in 2016–2018, contains one three-storey residential building and five taller ones in addition to offices and commercial premises.

Pekka Ojalammi

Chief Designer, Project Manager

Juha Vihma

Chief Designer, Project Manager

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