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Sustainable and smart building services

Well-designed building services, heating, ventilation and clean indoor air are the prerequisites for a safe, sustainable and healthy building. In addition to the traditional HVAC technology and electrical engineering, lighting and audio-visual solutions will promote the comfort and well-being of building users. A smart building reacts to both internal and external changes before we can even notice the need for a change.

Smart building service solutions bring safety even in challenging situations. If a building has to be evacuated, a smart building can direct the people out while keeping the exit routes safe. Fire safety solutions also ensure sufficient evacuation time for people with mobility issues and help minimise material damage during the fire. A smart building also allows modifying, reducing or increasing its operations with as small financial investments as possible. 

We manage energy ecosystems and processes from energy production to consumption, recycling and distribution

We help improve the efficiency of energy systems and networks and develop new services for the industry. At the same time, we are working together to find solutions to combat climate change and achieve carbon neutrality goals.

  • New technologies
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lifecycle consulting
  • Power plants
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Energy and life cycle planning tool

Advantages for planning and maintenance!

The unique energy and life cycle planning tool innovated by Sweco will speed up the calculation of energy systems and energy consumption in a way never seen before. It allows the reviewing of units comprising several buildings, e.g. city blocks or districts, as early on as during their concept or zoning stages, giving energy flow calculations for factors such as energy and life cycle costs and the carbon dioxide emissions of the site’s energy consumption.

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Business Director, Sustainable Development Services

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