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Automation and building management

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Building services

Automation and building management

Building automation and building management allow us to ensure that the building services systems are energy-efficient and to create safe, sustainable and comfortable conditions for buildings’ end-users, both in older and new, modern properties.

Through the planning, implementation and functionality of building automation and the building services systems, we can contribute to the users’ well-being as well as the energy consumption, healthiness and sustainability of the buildings.


Automation is central to building maintenance as it allows us to influence the building’s maintenance costs directly, e.g. by providing information for the maintenance organisation to support the decision-making regarding the building.

A building goes through several stages during its life cycle. As buildings become more expansive and modern, more and more extensive competence will be needed for their use and maintenance as well as strong cooperation between the different operators in the building. Our experts have long-term experience of designing customised, energy-efficient solutions and managing tasks and assignments during construction, also when you wish to ensure the building’s functionality and safety, whether it is within the warranty period or in a later stage of the lifespan of the property.

Smart building automation helps produce data in a more easily understandable format. During a building’s life cycle, it may go through many changes, and the benefits offered by digitalisation can be used to manage them.

Building management allows us to help all the project parties understand the building as a unit. A functional building unit requires highly active cooperation between many parties as well as experts of several different fields.

Good building management is the key to good construction, supervision, building use and maintenance alike for the duration of the building’s entire life cycle.

Riku Maidell

Business Director, Sustainable Development Services

Ismo Marin

Planning Director

Keijo Majlund

Planning Manager

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