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Building services

Electrical design

Buildings’ functional and suitable electrical systems are built with great electrical engineering plans. Prerequisites for a functional system are user-specific, customised and safe electrical systems that have been financially optimised.

We design sustainable and energy-efficient buildings where people can live, spend time and work safely and comfortably.

Our comprehensive competence allows us to ensure that the electrical systems are not only compatible with other engineering fields but also with the building’s facilities and its aesthetic goals.

With the help of information modelling, our environment and life cycle services, and methods that simulate various circumstances and conditions of use, we can find the most energy and life cycle efficient implementation methods for our customers.

Our experts will happily take on both smaller and more extensive challenges. Hospitals, schools, data centres, cleanrooms, residential buildings of different sizes and several other properties have been built based on our high-quality plans. Our competence is not limited to just the worksite stage; we work along with our customers for the duration of the building’s entire life cycle, from the preliminary surveys and project plans all the way to the building’s demolition.

Laukaan ekokoulu

Efficient electricity distribution solutions are also part of our special expertise. Many of the sites designed by us feature demanding main distribution solutions, such as transformers, backup power plants, static UPS equipment, rotating UPS equipment (RUPS), and solar power plants.

Niklas Lind

Department Manager, Southern Finland

Jouni Palmu

Department Manager, Central and Eastern Finland

Jyri Renkola

Department Manager, Western Finland

Rauno Häll

Department Manager, Northern Finland

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