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Well-designed HVAC technology improves a resident’s quality of life and an employee’s working conditions in a building.


Our skilled HVAC designers offer the best and most cost-effective solutions for our customers in terms of implementing the system for the entire life cycle of the building. We plan hundreds of new construction projects, renovations and modernisations in Finland every year. The sites range from residential buildings to commercial facilities and from office buildings to demanding hospital and industrial sites.

Utilising heating and cooling systems will increase in popularity as energy transition progresses further. Whether the source of heat is geothermal heat, district heating, a boiler plant or an air-water heat pump, and whether the heat is distributed through underfloor heating, radiators, air heating or a radiation panel, we can achieve the optimal indoor conditions with minimal energy consumption. More and more often, cooling is provided through district cooling, geothermal heat wells and heat pumps.

In a comfortable environment, suitable heating and cooling are ensured through careful placement of devices. Both seating areas as well as the room’s fixtures have to be considered.

At new construction sites, the need for heating and cooling is reviewed through simulations. At renovation sites, we also use follow-up measurements.

For plumbing, the quality requirements become highlighted in sites where normal quality standards are not high enough for water purity and where drains and sewers are exposed to significant chemical loads or high heat. Client-specific water quality requirements can be achieved by making use of various filtering methods, regardless of the water source’s quality. Water quality is ensured with different measurements and through remote control. When planning the sewer network, its load is considered and the sewer and sealant materials are determined based on the load types.

The environmental impacts of wastewater can be mitigated through various post-treatment methods, such as wastewater neutralisation.

When planning stormwater management, the client’s needs will be considered in addition to the zoning regulations. In critical cases, the rain used for the measurements can be considered as a flood once in 10, 20 or even 100 years. The flooding situation may have a significant impact on the plans for surface evenness and stormwater delay.

Ventilation helps us provide healthy and safe indoor air regardless of the site and its requirements. Ventilation planning officer’s expertise ensures fresh and healthy indoor air. An extensive network of professionals and the best simulation software in the market back up the work of our experienced planning officer.

Simulations allow us to ensure the design solutions of individual facilities in situations where extra certainty is needed to support experience-based knowledge. The significance of ventilation to the life cycle costs, carbon handprint and energy efficiency is extremely high. These can all be improved by careful selection of the ventilation machine, paying attention to efficient heat recovery (HRV) and the specific fan power (SFP). When looking for an optimal end result, the importance of appropriate ventilation becomes highlighted. Appropriate ventilation is ensured through correctly selected ventilation machines and facility- or zone-specific airflow management dampers.

Refrigeration design and consulting includes not only the traditional store cooling systems and various cold and freezer storages but also different heat pump solutions. This way, we can ensure the most energy and life cycle efficient solution for each application. Strong knowledge of the refrigeration technology processes also gives us the opportunity to boost the functionality of existing systems and even increase their power temporarily during exceptional conditions without any significant extra costs.

Special pipelines include systems such as hospital gases, welding gases, detergent piping, clean water systems, chemical piping, tube mail systems and fuel systems. We also work with system providers who help us deliver the latest technological innovations as well as meet the supplier-specific requirements.

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Department Manager, Southern Finland

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Department Manager, Western Finland

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Department Director, Central and Eastern Finland

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Department Manager, Northern Finland

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