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Telecommunication and security system engineering


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Telecommunication and security system engineering

Professional telecommunication and security system engineering plays a major role when creating a building’s functional, efficient and safe operational environment.

Our experts will plan the best, carefully implemented telecommunication and security engineering solutions, which are always customised to their purpose of use. Our well-designed solutions guarantee the functionality, safety and durability of the buildings. Our solutions are modified to meet the security levels required by the building owner, its users ande.g. the insurance company.

Functioning data systems with a fast fibre optic network are a basic requirement for the daily business of any company. Professional information network planning and implementation ensure effective, safe, long-term operational preconditions for our customers’ business.

Solutions and networks based on IP networks and different wireless networks (e.g. WLAN and bluetooth) create new opportunities for the operations. Monitoring and reporting the facilities’ utilisation rate, for example, is possible by entering the motion sensor data of the existing lights into the facility’s information system.

Smart Building thinking, MESH networks, system integration and solutions based on artificial intelligence will provide our customers and their properties with operational advancements and energy efficiency and ensure a smaller carbon footprint. Through our work, we aim to ensure that projects are taken through also after the planning stage by taking part in commissioning and system administrator and system user training.

Designing audio-visual systems

Audio-visual design plays a central role when a building or environment needs to be impressive, lively or atmospheric or when specific tools are needed for holding presentations or remote conferences, for example.

Our experts design carefully considered and implemented AV and presentation technology solutions. The solutions are always customised to our customer’s needs and they guarantee smooth communications and holding visual presentations, regardless of the site in question.

Well-functioning audio-visual and presentation technology systems that are well-suited to their purpose are basic requirements for the daily operations of companies, educational institutes and communities, for example, as well as an essential part of the presentation technology and remote meeting connections of modern facilities.

Our competence also covers noise simulations in acoustically demanding sites, such as churches, auditoriums and gym halls, and ensuring the correct operations of a security alert system. We also implement lighting system control and integration to presentation technology with e.g. Dali, DMX or KNX buses.

The starting point for our AV design is the versatility of systems, reliability of operations and ease of use, regardless of whether the facility in question is an auditorium, a business meeting facility, a virtual conference room, digital classroom, a movie theatre or a LED wall.

Comprehensive system design and implementation based on modern AV-Over-IP technology provide reliable conditions and a functional platform for audio-visual, presentation and remote conference systems.

Niklas Lind

Department Manager, Southern Finland

Jouni Palmu

Department Manager, Central and Eastern Finland

Jyri Renkola

Department Manager, Western Finland

Rauno Häll

Department Manager, Northern Finland

Jukka Korhonen

Project Manager

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