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Cost and quantity management

We produce construction economics calculations and analyzes reliably and efficiently as a basis for decisions and operations. In cooperation with our customers, we promote the company’s competitiveness and free up time for planning and decision-making.

Cost accounting and management

Our cost accounting and management covers the entire construction process. With the help of professional cost accounting, we ensure the financial success of your construction project.

With cost accounting and management, we ensure that your project budget is realistic. We are able to look for alternative solutions and guide the design. Cost accounting allows for a quick response to changing situations and cost pressures when decisions can be made based on information. In cost calculation, we utilize comparative data on actual costs and data models.

Quantity calculation and management

Quantity management is the foundation for success in the pricing and implementation phase of a construction project. Quantitative data minimizes risks and gives your business a clear competitive advantage. Our quantity management experts produce quantity lists in accordance with the Talo-80 standard. Our customers can utilize the specified quantity data both in the bidding phase and in production. The quantity lists are delivered as transfer files adapted to the customer’s calculation programs. In public inquiries, the quantity costs are shared among the contractors who ordered the site.

Construction disputes and disagreements

Our experienced experts help resolve disputes and prevent them. We have acted as a construction economics expert and liquidator in several of Finland’s most significant construction disputes. Our areas of expertise include comparative calculations of additional and modification work, cost estimates prepared by an expert, the reasons and cost effects of schedule shifts, and comparative total cost estimates.

Pre-demolition audits

We offer property owners calculations in accordance with the requirements of the stricter waste law. We carry out demolition surveys and demolition quantities with waste fractions at various sites and evaluate useful materials at the site.

Profitability calculations

We offer a profitability calculation service to help with project development. We prepare return on investment calculations and other analyzes necessary to support the investment decision.

Timo Isoranta

Managing director

Janne Silvennoinen

Leading cost expert
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