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Quality assurance

Comprehensive quality assurance services for all stages and needs of the construction lifecycle, sustainably and with high quality.

Our services to ensure good indoor air quality and high-quality concrete structures cover the entire life cycle of a building from design to operation and repair. We are responsible for ensuring the quality of construction work during new and renovation projects and for monitoring after commissioning.

We serve customers in matters related to the management of humidity, cleanliness and airtightness, the functionality of the ventilation system and the quality assurance of concrete during construction sites. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of concrete testing services.

Our quality assurance experts assist the customer at all stages of the project

Quality management services in the design, construction and operation phases can be used to ensure the functionality of structures and building services systems and to prevent quality problems in the finished concrete structure. The overall planning and implementation of quality management is always done in close cooperation with the customer.

Design phase

In the design phase, the quality management expert is able to effectively influence the quality of the indoor climate of the finished building. We design the most functional and easy-to-implement structural solutions and materials.

The quality management expert comments on and, if necessary, makes suggestions for improvements to the plans and building description from the perspective of the factors affecting the indoor climate quality of the completed building. As the design phase progresses to applying for a building permit, a moisture management coordinator will be appointed for the project, who will prepare a moisture management report during the permit phase.

In the design phase, as a quality assurance measure for concrete, preliminary tests are performed on the concrete. Preliminary tests determine the properties required by the concrete plans and ensure that the concrete recipe is functional. Preliminary tests are always planned on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the requirements for concrete quality assurance.


During the construction phase, we ensure the implementation of the agreed quality assurance measures and our guidelines for preparing a cleanliness and moisture management plan. Concrete quality assurance during construction is also an important part of the overall quality assurance of a construction site, and well-implemented quality assurance can prevent quality problems in the finished concrete structure.

On-site quality assurance measures include regular cycles (humidity and cleanliness management), tracer tests, air leakage measurements, humidity measurements and condition monitoring measurements, as well as the production of concrete specimens and concrete air volume measurements in connection with castings, and thermal management of solid castings. Regular meetings and site tours ensure that site conditions are kept up to date and able to respond quickly to changing situations.


During the commissioning phase, we check the IV measurement protocol as well as the level of system functionality and final cleaning of the premises. The conformity of the finished concrete structure can be assessed by hammer tests, tensile strength tests and, if necessary, by the strength properties of the structural test pieces. We also offer expertise in various problem, damage and complaint investigations of concrete structures.

At the end of the warranty period, we participate in the warranty inspection of the warranty period, ensure the implementation of the maintenance measures planned during the maintenance phase, and carry out a user survey on the humidity and indoor air performance of the premises.

Our quality assurance service included

  • Humidity management
  • Cleanliness management
  • Airtightness control of structures
  • Functionality of the ventilation system
  • Concrete quality assurance services
  • Concrete testing services
  • Building physics expert services

Concrete quality assurance and test facilities

  • Compressive strength testing (standards SFS-EN 12390-3 and SFS-EN 12504-1)
  • Determination of density (SFS-EN 12390-7) ASTM C856 / C856M
  • Petrographic Thin Analysis Hammer testing (standard SFS-EN 12504-2 Determination of elastic value with a hammer)
  • Tensile strength and adhesion strength (SFS 5445 and SFS 5446)
  • Water resistance (SFS-EN 12390-8)

Test methods to ensure the frost resistance of concrete

  • Freezing-thawing resistance testing of concrete (CEN / TS 12390-9: 2016)
  • Frost resistance, tile test (CEN / TR 15177)
  • Freezing-thawing resistance of concrete (standard SFS 5447)
  • By72, Concrete Quality Assurance, Part 1 Pore Distribution Study
  • VTT TEST R003-00: 2010 Determination of air pore parameters in concrete from thin sand
  • Determination of air pore properties of hardened concrete SFS-EN 480-11, modified

Concrete products, shotcrete and aggregates

  • Flexural tensile strength (standard SFS-EN 12390-5)
  • Tensile strength (SFS-EN 12390-6)
  • SFS-EN 12004-1: 2017 Tile adhesives
  • Concrete product testing
  • Testing of masonry cement (SFS-EN 413-1 and 413-2)
  • Testing of concrete roof tiles (SFS-EN 490 and SFS-EN 491)
  • Efnarc testing (energy absorption of shotcrete) (Standard SFS-EN 14488-5, 22.1.2007)
  • Tile adhesives (Testing under the notified body, standard SFS-EN 12004 Adhesives for ceramic tiles – Requirements, assessment and verification of constancy of performance, classification and marking)
  • Aggregate testing
  • Aggregate alkali aggregate reactivity testing
  • Cement, admixtures and concrete admixtures

Cement, admixtures and concrete admixtures

  • Cement testing (SFS-EN 196)
  • Testing of silica powder (SFS-EN 13263-1 and 13263-2)
  • Blast furnace slag testing (SFS-EN 15167-1 and SFS-EN 15167-2)
  • Fly ash testing (SFS-EN 451-1 and 451-2)
  • CE marking tests for concrete admixtures

Testing of fresh concrete

  • Concrete, manufacture of test pieces
  • Density, temperature and air volume of fresh pulp
  • Depression, spread

Asbestos analysis

  • ISO 14966 Identification and quantification of asbestos
  • ISO 22262-1 Air samples, Asbestos
  • ISO 16000-27: 2014 surface dust samples, Asbestos

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Research and Quality Assurance, Head of Department

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Team Leader

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Concrete testing