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Moisture management coordination ensures good indoor air quality, and healthy and safe conditions

Moisture related technical functionality is one of the most important goals of sustainable building

Moisture management coordination ensures good indoor air quality, and healthy and safe conditions for the building’s users during the design and construction phases.

Why is humidity management needed?

Humidity management is more important than ever in building projects. We do not want to see another school student, apartment resident, or office worker suffering from different ailments caused by poor indoor air quality. A moisture management coordinator also helps to consider the effects of environmental changes on the moisture safety of buildings. For example, increased rainfall places structures under even greater strain.

Moisture damage and indoor air quality problems can be prevented. It is sufficient to make the moisture technical functionality a shared objective of the project and to consider it in the design, construction, and maintenance phases. The most important task of a moisture management coordinator is to act as a support and as a liaison between different parties. We ensure that the building is designed and constructed correctly from a technical perspective where moisture is concerned. The goal is to ensure a healthy and safe building for its users throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Experience in humidity management from over 200 projects

The Ministry of the Environment’s regulation on the technical moisture functionality of buildings has required the inclusion of a moisture management coordinator in all construction projects that require a building permit since 2018. At Sweco, humidity management has been on our agenda for much longer, and we have accumulated experience from over 200 projects.

Experience is necessary, because there are no official qualifications required for moisture management coordinators. Many of our coordinators have FISE qualification, and all have extensive experience in the field. Each moisture management coordinator is a carefully selected building industry professional. This ensures a wide range of methods for preventing moisture damage.

In addition to this, we require the right attitude from our experts. Good communication skills, initiative, and willingness to diplomatically resolve issues are necessary for effective humidity management.

Sweco’s moisture management coordinators’ areas of expertise

  • building health
  • technical moisture and thermal functionality of structures
  • technical moisture and indoor air functionality surveys
  • HVAC and construction technological design
  • cleanliness management
  • management (foremen)
  • construction supervision

Moisture management coordination during planning

For smooth cooperation and a successful outcome, it is advisable to involve a moisture management coordinator in the construction project from the project planning phase. A moisture management report is required for the construction project at the very latest as an attachment to the building permit.

In terms of moisture technicality, a high-quality outcome can be achieved in several different ways. We help to choose a suitable implementation method or to carry out humidity management, for example, with the Healthy House operating model, the Drychain10 method, or with other similar procedures.

As a moisture management coordinator, we supervise and guide the planning according to the goals set by the client. We organise cooperation between designers and ensure that the designers identify the moisture risks of the project and find solutions to manage them. We also provide comments on the plans to ensure that the solutions selected for the project are safe and functional from a technical point of view as far as moisture is concerned.

Humidity management at the site and in maintenance

Technical moisture feasibility is already included in the moisture management coordination during the planning phase. We ensure that the design solutions are presented in a way that ensures the construction site has the best preconditions to implement the project in a manner that is technically safe as far as moisture is concerned. We provide guidance to the contractor when necessary and offer information on moisture management during construction, such as protection methods and drying of concrete structures. We also help to combine moisture technical requirements with schedule objectives.

We support the contractor in refining the moisture management plan. It is important that the contractor’s plan includes practical solutions and methods, in order to guide the construction into the right direction. Therefore, it is advisable for the contractor to involve the moisture management coordinator as a trusted partner from the beginning of the project. Together, we can ensure that the subcontractors also operate according to the common ground rules.

The responsibility of the moisture management coordinator officially ends with the commissioning of the building, but our perspective is on its entire lifecycle. Therefore, the coordinator’s tasks include commenting on the building’s maintenance manual and customer folder, as well as instructions on user orientation.

Combining humidity management and cleanliness management is worthwhile

It is advisable to combine both coordinating tasks that affect residential health in buildings under the same expert. When cleanliness and humidity management are controlled together, it makes work more efficient and there will not be any unnecessary overlapping of coordination tasks.

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