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Partnership models

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Partnership models

Our JOUSTO partnership model is particularly suitable for small or diverse housing co-operatives. In this co-operation model, pricing is truly cost-based. The target price, schedule and level of quality are defined jointly, and reliable partners ensure the implementation. The project will succeed through co-operation, and the potential savings will be distributed between all parties. The distribution also applies to potential additional costs. The JOUSTO partnership model is a flexible solution for properties such as terraced houses, for which it may be challenging to secure appealing fixed-price offers. In the JOUSTO model, the planning and the project proper are interwoven, time-wise, which will introduce benefits for the housing co-operative.

The VARMA partnership model is a fully fixed-price model in the scope and level of quality agreed for the project. The budget for the project can be locked in at an earlier stage, and the construction work will start sooner than in a traditional procurement model. Both detailed pre-planning and the final planning carried out together with the contractor ensure that the agreement and the price are fixed, in the true sense of the word. This form of procurement suits extensive and structurally similar worksites; the VARMA model has been proven to work well in group renovation projects, for instance.

Panu Lallukka

Unit Director

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