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Durable buildings with sustainable structural engineering

Together with our clients and our knowledgeable local and international structural engineering team, we build a basis for sustainable, more carbon-neutral and more diverse construction. Safe, healthy, adaptable and lifecycle-efficient buildings are at the centre of our design work.

Structural design and consulting

The buildings will be built with structural plans. Prerequisites for successful construction are functional, safe, healthy and economically optimized structures. We design sustainable buildings that are safe to live, work and engage in.

With our comprehensive expertise, we ensure that the structures are compatible with the building’s spatial design and aesthetic goals. With the help of data modeling, our digital services and simulations that predict different conditions and usage situations, we find the most efficient implementation options for our customers.

We are the clear market leader in structural design in Finland and our services cover all aspects of structural design, object types and materials. We also have strong experience in demanding international design projects around the world.

Wood construction excellence

Wood construction is trendy, aesthetic and ecological. The use of wood in construction is promoted because it is a climate-wise material. Our wood construction experts know the material that is important to Finns and its possible uses and benefits in construction. Sweco has a long history and a very diverse range of expertise in various wood sites – which is why it is easy to take over the growing demand for the future. We are Finland’s leading designer of wooden structures.

Our designers, who specialize in the construction and installation of wooden roofs, help to find a solution for the implementation of a comprehensive and safe roof structure without compromising on the objectives of the project. Our design team, which specializes in the various stages of construction and knows the whole, coordinates the needs of different actors, such as the builder, contractor, prefabricated suppliers and installers, together with the customer.

Award-winning concrete expertise

We also offer our customers extensive and award-winning expertise in concrete structures.

Our expertise covers all services related to concrete structures: prestressed structures, cast-in-place structures, prefabricated structures, bridge and infrastructure structures, costing services, material properties, condition studies, structural inspections and repair techniques.

Finland’s largest steel structure designer

Steel structure design is a demanding special design, where our top experts in customized design teams implement domestic and international projects in cooperation with builders, construction companies, contractors, equipment suppliers and other design industries.

Our international steel construction expertise covers the design of building construction, industrial construction, power plants, bridges, power lines, masts and other steel frames and various types of equipment supports, tanks, silos and canals. Our Technical Computing Departments are responsible for particularly demanding design tasks, such as simulating exceptional natural phenomena and reviewing the capacity of existing structures by simulating when capacity in accordance with building standards is exceeded due to changes in use or loads.

We have been involved in designing several award-winning domestic and international items. Our top experts in Sweco steel structures and our international network of experts enable the best service to destinations of all sizes around the world.

Strong knowledge of facade construction and building physics

Our facade design team has a long experience in both demanding domestic projects and international skyscrapers. We are involved in various locations from small representation spaces to hybrid centers and from office buildings to apartment towers. We implement total solutions for glass, metal and wood facade construction. Our experts have strong expertise in high construction, glass sizing and building physics.

Number one in bridge design

We are number one in bridge design and offer bridge and skill structure design services for site needs assessments, pre-design, general design and structural design. We make bridge plans for bridge solutions of different sizes and types, from small fresh bridges to large concrete or steel bridges.

Ports and water structures with a strong international design network

Our experienced experts and an extensive international design network across Europe work closely together in the fields of urban and regional planning as well as structural and renovation and geotechnical engineering. They also guarantee extensive experience in the design of port and water structures.

Prefabricated design for all materials

Sweco has extensive expertise in prefabricated design of various materials. Finished parts or elements are used in both buildings and infrastructure. The material may be wood, concrete or steel or a combination of these.

A forerunner in digitalisation

Sweco is a forerunner in digitalisation in the construction industry. Our digital calculation and data modeling tools are a guarantee of high-quality structural design. We promote the widest possible use of data from data modeling in all our construction projects.

For data-modeled projects, we offer the SmartDrawings Viewer service free of charge, which allows you to view the data model behind the plan in an Internet browser on any device. There is also a paid full version of SmartDrawings for professional use. Sweco’s structural plans thus offer more.

Learn more about our digital solutions and SmartDrawings.


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