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Structural engineering

Building physics

Our durable and healthy buildings that support well-being are created by ensuring the functionality of the moisture control and heating technology of the structures and buildings. This requires expertise and specialisation in building physics.

At Sweco, we work in demanding new construction and renovation projects and in diverse roles as building physics designers and experts, utilising Sweco’s extensive network or know-how.

Safe and efficient structures in terms of building physics

Our experts have decades of practical experience and fundamental theoretical know-how, enabling us to ensure that your project will succeed regardless of the construction material. Moisture-safe and efficient structures facilitate versatile use of the building and high-quality indoor air.

Long-term sustainability in construction in the climate of the future

We are involved in high-rise construction, spearhead wood construction projects and exceptionally demanding hybrid construction and renovation projects alike, and one key factor in our success is our knowledge of building physics.  We operate both locally and globally and design projects around the world.

Climate change increases moisture stress on structures and weakens their ability to dry, which increases the significance of building physics in construction. There are increased requirements for structures in order to attain the planned lifecycle. The functionality, fault tolerance and repairability of structures can be ensured through developing current structure solutions and creating new ones.

Fault-tolerant structures – research and product development

In construction and renovation projects, ensuring several factors (carrying capacity, fire protection, acoustics, architecture, historical values) can lead to solutions that are unfavourable or complicated from the perspective of building physics. We assess and ensure the functionality of the structures’ heating and moisture technology with modern calculation methods and software. We also utilise necessary know-how regarding computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or facility condition simulation in our building physics calculations. We are involved in several industrial research and development projects (wood construction, glass and facade structures, material industry), as well as development and publishing operations in the field.

In our projects, we use calculation-based examinations to analyse aspects such as the frame and facade connections of buildings (thermal bridge and dew point examinations), the fault tolerance and susceptibility to mould formation of structures in the climate of the future (heating and moisture technology calculations on structure types and connections, mould index).

You can find the necessary know-how for your project with the help of our extensive building physics network

  • Building physics design and humidity damage repair planning
  • Building physics modelling – supporting the assurance of structural functionality and development
  • 1D, 2D and 3D, analyses of heating and moisture (Wufi, Comsol)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Research and product development services
  • 3rd-party plan inspections
  • Expert statements
  • Moisture control coordinator services
  • Research services, condition surveys on indoor air and moisture
  • Other services related to indoor air technology (cleanliness control, condition survey service


Teemu Vanha-Viitakoski

Director of Technology