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Porin Karhunpesä

Structural Engineering

Concrete structures

We provide our clients with extensive and award-winning expertise in concrete structures. We have participated in the continuous development work of the field and continue to contribute through our own and our clients’ development projects, as well as through research collaborations and co-operation with educational institutes. Our experts also have robust know-how in terms of developing digital tools for information model based element design.

Our know-how covers all services related to concrete structures: prestressed structures, cast-in-situ structures, element structures, bridges and infrastructures, cost accounting services, material properties, condition surveys, structure inspections and repair methods.

Our projects are highly diverse: residential buildings, office premises, hospitals, shopping centres and schools.

We also operate in designing industrial and production plants and infrastructure, such as the concrete structures of bridges and dams, as well as designing the basic structures of sites such as wind farms.

We are Finland’s largest operator in designing prestressed cast-in-situ structures, and we provide design services ranging from concept development to implementation planning and capacity analyses of existing structures.

We also participate in designing sites abroad and co-operate with our extensive network of international experts.

Tapiola Ainoa shopping Centre
Helsinki Olympic Stadion Beauty of renovation design
Olympiastadionin peruskorjaus

Kimmo Fabrin

Technology Manager, Concreate Building

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