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Projektinjohto ja rakennuttaminen

Structural engineering

Project development

Project development and competition entries

We utilise Sweco’s comprehensive expertise in the built environment and our internal network for the benefit of our customers, particularly in the development phase of a project.

Our structural engineering creates significant added value in the development of a project. We utilise Sweco’s comprehensive expertise in the built environment and our internal network for the benefit of our customers, particularly in the development phase of a project.

Development work can constitute either an entry to a design competition or a concrete future investment. The need to understand the goals, functions and business operations of the customer, as well as those shared with the customer, is emphasised in the first phase of the project. Our experts will engineer creative and efficient structural engineering solutions to realise these goals.

Our expertise in various materials, structural systems and their adaptability, buildability and building physics are factors that must be taken into account, particularly in the development phase of a project. Energy efficiency and service life and life cycle assessments of structures also play a key role in a project’s development. Our engineering is always based on healthy and structurally safe solutions.

Our comprehensive expertise in the implementation, functionality and management of projects as well as the planning of the quality, costs and schedule make it possible to implement a profitable and competitive project. Our strong expertise and experience help us identify the risks involved in a project as well as support our customer in managing them.

Tapio Raunama

Project Development Director

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