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Olympiastadionin peruskorjaus

Structural engineering


The focus of construction in Finland is shifting from new construction to extension, extension and renovation construction, especially in Helsinki metropolitan area.

Life of the buildings can be extended by maintenance renovation. The carbon footprint of a building will be smaller if the old building were demolished and replaced by a new one. Renovating an old one can also lead to more cost-effective solutions. We are involved in building Finland’s real estate to a sustainable level.

We offer comprehensive expert services for all stages of the building’s life cycle. Our experienced experts have a long experience in the design of large and versatile renovation projects. Our structural engineering experts are responsible for the design of repair structures in projects that require demanding structural changes.

Our special expertise covers both individual expert tasks and repair planning tasks for large projects.


Siltasaari 10 in Hakaniemi
Siltasaari 10
Helsinki Olympiastadion
Olympiastadionin peruskorjaus

Buildings and bridges

We ensure the long-term and sustainable future of our properties and optimal investment. With the help of data modeling and building physical simulations, we solve even complex structural challenges. Our service covers all types and materials.

Our services include:

  • Renovations of buildings
  • Building extensions
  • Structural reinforcements
  • Changes in tenant and purpose
  • Industrial repair design

Sweco has experience in the design, expansion, alteration and renovation of various heavy and light industrial sites. We serve our customers locally in various industrial locations in Finland and worldwide.

We provide design services for the modernization, renovation and demolition of industrial buildings. We are the absolute number one in the industry and guarantee the best end result based on our diverse experience and strong use of modern tools.

We also have expertise in space modeling and demolition materials management. Sweco’s Digital Twin solution makes the planning and implementation of plant decommissioning more transparent, safer and more efficient.


Mikko Horko


Anssi Pöllänen

Unit Manager, Oulu

Markus Sääskilahti

Central and Eastern Finland

Anssi Kinnunen

Unit Manager, Kuopio

Janne Mäcklin

Unit Manager, Tampere

Veijo Vallenius

Unit Manager, Hämeenlinna

Jaakko Passinmäki

Unit Manager, Seinäjoki

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