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Simuloinnit ja analyysit

Structural engineering

Simulations and analyzes

Our technical computation experts perform demanding strength and vibration analyzes, flow computation, structural physics computational tasks, load-bearing structure optimization, and other computational tasks in product development and research.

With modern tools, different constructions can be easily compared to find a suitable alternative. Simulations can also be used to study phenomena and situations that would otherwise be impossible or too expensive to examine. We are pioneers in the optimization of load-bearing structures, which is a natural extension of computer-aided simulation of structures. The optimization is not satisfied with the comparison of the existing plans, but new and better constructions are produced.

Our services include dynamic examinations, load cell optimization, strength calculations and FEM analyzes, seismic analyzes, fire calculations, building physics examinations, stability examinations, computational fluid dynamics calculation (CFD) and various simulations.

Simulations and analyzes of structures help to avoid risks and save time and money. They otherwise replace or reduce the number of tests required.

As a simulation tool, we typically utilize FEM (finite element method) and flow calculation (CFD).

The simulation targets related to the structures are:

  • Collision simulation and dimensions, which are used to assess e.g. the impact of vehicles on structures
  • Explosion simulation to study the behavior of structures in different accident situations
  • Thermal simulation of concrete structures evaluates the heating needs of the structures under different conditions
  • Wind simulations for structures
  • Flow water simulations for structures

The most typical analyzes of structures:

  • Requires nonlinear strength analyzes that are utilized in situations where conventional sizing formulas are not sufficient.
  • Dynamic dimensioning of structures used to identify vibrations in structures caused by equipment, wind and walking.
  • Seismic sizing and analyzes to ensure the durability of structures located in earthquake zones.
  • Fatigue measurement is utilized to examine the fatigue of dynamically loaded steel structures.

Eero Kokkonen

Department Manager, Chief CFD Engineer

Kevin De Bleser

Demanding strength calculation

Jussi Jalkanen

Demanding strength calculation

Niko Vironen

Product and Sales Manager, VDC Services

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