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Structural engineering

Demanding strength calculation

Our mission is to help our customers choose the most suitable structural solutions for their demanding and high-load applications. Our experienced experts and the best tools on the market guarantee success in calculating the strength of a demanding object.

The aim of the demanding strength calculation is to take into account the actual behavior of the building without other expensive special arrangements.

In the simulation, we utilize the most advanced FEM calculation. Typical applications for strength calculation are:

  • Requires nonlinear strength analyzes that are utilized in situations where conventional sizing formulas are not sufficient.
  • Dynamic dimensioning of structures used to identify vibrations in structures caused by equipment, wind and walking.
  • Seismic sizing and analyzes to ensure the durability of structures located in earthquake zones.
  • Fatigue measurement is utilized to examine the fatigue of dynamically loaded steel structures.

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Demanding strength calculation

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