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Sweco Impact -investment service

Sweco Impact investment service combines three areas of expertise: technical, economic and sustainable development. We take responsibility for overall project management and combine the best experts and solutions. We bring business understanding to the investment from the very beginning. In this way, we ensure that the project takes into account the long-term commercial impact.

The concept behind this is impact investing. In addition to economic profit, impact investing aims for a positive impact on society or the environment. Ignoring sustainability can increase investor risk and, in the long run, also reduce profit.  

We believe that combining technical and commercial expertise with sustainable development goals from the very beginning of a project will bring added value to the project, users and investors. Considering the contractual structure and incentives is critical when the parties are encouraged to create value for a property and its owners and users, instead of everyone optimising their own profits. Improving interaction between partners is also crucial in projects with many interest groups.  

Impact is a solution for all the stages of the life cycle of real estate investment:  

  • Purchase of real estate or portfolio
  • Zoning development
  • Real estate development
  • Project development
  • Sale of real estate

Ratapihankatu in Tampere- Sustainable Investment Premises Block

Ratapihankatu real estate project significantly complements Tampere’s cityscape. Sweco has been in the project development phase to ensure that the contractual, qualitative and environmental aspects of the project serve the goals of the real estate investor and users.


Tampereen Ratapihankatu

Aurum brings the universities of Turku under the same roof and provides a framework for innovations that solve climate change

The Aurum project has guided the sustainable development goals from the very beginning, thanks to which the design has already been awarded the BREEAM environmental certificate. Strategic partnership and cooperation have been the keys to success.

Saraco, which joined Sweco in October 2020, has been responsible for the project management, construction and supervision of the Aurum project from the outset. Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt (SYK) wanted a partner for the project who, in addition to technical expertise, offers a strong strategic vision.


Culturally and historically valuable

The former state agency will be renovated into office space and restaurants. The experience of challenging projects was especially important in the project partner selection. Separator 2 is one of the most spectacular addresses in the heart of Helsinki. The Neo-Renaissance palace, completed in 1891, its adjoining Art Nouveau house and the courtyard wing connecting the buildings at the corner of Erottaja and Uudenmaankatu were empty for years until they were bought by the American investment company Blackrock in autumn 2018. Now Erottaja 2 is undergoing a change of use and complete renovation. The office will be completed with modern office and restaurant space.

Erottaja 2

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