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Our digital solutions enhance design and construction

Digitalisation breaks old patterns, creating new ways of working and collaborating

Digital tools also enhance operations and increase productivity in the construction industry and in the design and construction of the built environment and industry.

We study, develop and produce services at different stages of the value stream, from strategic land use to the commissioning and possible reuse of the site. We believe in the power of cooperation and partnerships when the goal is to create a better future and growth. Among other things, we master virtual technologies and understand how technology is utilised as part of daily planning and construction to achieve our customers’ goals.

Enhanced project management, data flow and interaction

Functional, efficient and energy-efficient buildings and spaces are not a foregone conclusion – but digitalisation enables more and more accurate data to be produced and utilised transparently at all stages of the project. By utilising data models in the project, we speed up lead times and decision-making, and significantly improve the quality of planning. Thanks to data modelling and Sweco’s new digital services, the project will become more transparent and transparent.

With the help of information and virtual technology utilised from data models, we visualise the use of different stakeholders at an early stage of both the physical and functional target project, thus making things valued by the customer and end users increasingly accounted for both in planning and decision-making. In this way, we ensure that the buildings and facilities are functional, efficient and in line with the needs of end users. Both design and virtual designs can also be combined with cost and profit accounting services. Our digital services cover the entire life cycle of construction. They improve the flow of information and project management and save time and money for the whole.

A forerunner in digitalisation

Sweco is a forerunner in digitalisation in the construction industry. Our digital calculation and data modeling tools are a guarantee of high-quality structural design. We promote the widest possible use of data from data modeling in all our construction projects.

For data-modeled projects, we offer the SmartDrawings Viewer service free of charge, which allows you to view the data model behind the plan in an Internet browser on any device. There is also a paid full version of SmartDrawings for professional use. Sweco’s structural plans thus offer more.

Elematic got a boost from bidding on Sweco’s virtual tools

The collaboration started in August 2018 when Sweco started to solve the customer’s wish for a more agile bidding process with the smartdrawings™ virtual tool. The start had also been preceded by a presentation of the service to Elematic’s sales network, which received positive feedback to take the matter forward.


Sweco’s VirtualSite ™ Lumon’s balcony glass solutions for customers on a whole new level

Lumon, which operates internationally, was looking for new ways to implement presentations of the product idea of balcony glazing to customers. Sweco’s virtual reality service VirtualSite ™ a solution. Lumon’s solution is seen to give them a competitive advantage.

Lumon parvekelasit

Tuomo Tiilikainen

Business Development Director

Sami Typpö

Chief Customer Officer, buildings and infrastructure

Niko Vironen

Product and Sales Manager, VDC Services

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