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BIM Coordination

Sweco utilizes building information modeling BIM, in all phases of a building’s life cycle, from needs assessment to handover, use and maintenance. Design and commissioning are based on our own effective design methods that utilize LEAN principles and commissioning based on business information models.


Our expertise ensures that the customers and end user goals are in-line, while meeting the quality and cost-effectiveness goals of the project. We are active in developing our expertise in design, modelling, simulations and virtual technologies.

For us, information modelling is a tool to help in design, construction, use and maintenance. Our focus is on utilizing and distributing information models and the information within them for all disciplines through the whole life cycle of the project in hand. Modelling enhances communication and seamless cooperation between the various parties involved in the construction process. 

We follow the latest industry guidelines (e.g. YTV 2012) and standards. Our services enable the comprehensive utilization of data in the various phases of the project.  

BIM Coordination

Your project will be assisted by the best BIM coordinators in the field.

During the needs assessment phase, the objectives of the project’s data modelling are defined, and the DATA model coordinator acts as the client’s expert in the project. The DATA Model Coordinator assists the subscriber in ordering a high-quality data model.

During the project planning phase, a preliminary data modelling plan for the project will be defined and sufficient time will be ensured for the data modelling.

During the preparatory phase of the design, a risk assessment of the data modelling will be prepared. The DATA Model Coordinator assists the subscriber in defining designer data modeling tasks.

During the draft phase, our expert will investigate all modelling needs with the client and architect.

During the implementation phase of the project, the DATA Model Coordinator collects, coordinates and verifies the data models of the different design parties.

During the preparation phase of construction, the DATA Model Coordinator performs quality assurance tasks for data models and assists the client in selecting contractors. During the construction phase, he arranges a data model review, updates the DATA modelling plan and agrees on cooperation procedures for modelling.

At the end of the project, the DATA model coordinator draws up a composite model of design or implementation models with reports and assists with the possibilities for utilising data models during the maintenance phase of the building.



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