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Industry, energy and environment

Energy transition, adaptation to climate change and the preservation of biodiversity guide our work.

We harness our expertise as solutions for the energy revolution and sustainable industry and society

Energy production and storage are undergoing a transformation. The transition to a sustainable society requires a flexible energy system and renewable energy sources. The circular economy, the adequacy of natural resources and adaptation to climate change are hot topics in industry.

Carefully planned and implemented investments will strengthen the competitiveness of the industrial sector. Sweco’s industry experts have extensive experience and expertise in the design of industrial sites and processes, as well as in the various stages of industrial projects from preliminary studies to implementation. Our energy experts work on sustainable forms of energy production and secure the conditions for renewable energy production for future generations. Our experts are involved in energy and circular economy projects in Finland and Europe.

We also provide high-quality environmental expert services to the industry for the implementation of various projects and compliance with legal obligations. Our special expertise is the EIA and environmental permit procedures for large industrial projects, as well as monitoring the development of legislation related to product safety and solutions for meeting obligations.

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Chief Customer Officer, industry

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