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The bioeconomy utilizes renewable natural resources and materials. The most important renewable natural resource in Finland is the forest. Sweco has strong experience in the industrial processes in use. In its operations, Sweco promotes the introduction of new technologies for the bioeconomy of the future in the energy, forestry and chemical industries.

In the traditional forest industry, this means fossil fuel-free production facilities. New technologies include bark gasification, lignin separation, decomposition of waste water sludge and further processing of pulp production, such as nanocellulose and viscose fibers.

Projects for the future of the energy and chemical industries include more efficient utilization of bio-based raw materials and biogas, as well as biofuel production processes at biorefineries. Sweco has extensive experience in confidential projects, many of which have already led to implementation.

All bioeconomy projects are characterized by innovation and the ability to take advantage of new technologies on a factory scale. Strong design experience and understanding of new technologies enable the implementation of profitable investment projects.


Tuulamari Helaja

Business Unit Manager

Eeva Punta

Bioeconomy Lead

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