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Environmental services

We operate in the areas of land use planning, traffic and infrastructure planning, water supply and environmental consulting, such as emission permits.

We create the conditions for a good living environment and promote ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable development. We are a comprehensive service company that can meet the needs of both the public and private sectors. In addition, we are a pioneer in environmental ICT and data modeling in Finland thanks to our own YTCAD software and Spatial Data Server.


Our customers are especially in the process and energy industries and the circular economy, who value our strong industry knowledge and expertise even the most demanding situations.

Our special expertise is the EIA and environmental permit procedures for large industrial projects. With a strong knowledge of environmental legislation and regulatory activities, we minimize project-related risk factors and improve project acceptability. We implement project emission permit issues comprehensively from the assessment of the need for a permit and EIA procedure and the preparation of applications until a final permit decision.

It is also possible to implement the projects as a complete service, which covers both project planning and the implementation of possible EIA and permit obligations. In this case, the advantage is the seamless cooperation of environmental experts and designers during the project, which facilitates the smooth progress of both the planning and permitting process and facilitates the operator’s work during the project.

Our services cover, among other things

Industrial activities and traffic cause emissions to air, for which we do emission modeling. Whether it is an industrial plant, a waste treatment plant, a wastewater treatment plant, energy production, a biorefinery or transport, we offer strong design expertise as well as software management for the mathematical modeling of the distribution of emissions. We use AERMOD software to model the spread of nitrogen, particulate matter, odor and other emissions. We use CadnaA software to model industrial and traffic noise

The BioEnergo One bioconversion plant provides new green options to transportation

Upon completion, BioEnergo One will be the world’s first CelluAPP® bioconversion plant on a commercial scale. Its objective is to produce renewable bio fuels, i.e. bioethanol and biogas, from saw mill by-products. Sweco was selected as the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental permit process partner for this new type of industrial plant.


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