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EIA and environmental permit procedures

The EIA procedure does not have to be just a time-consuming cost item forced by legislation, but a genuinely value-added preliminary study phase. A well-implemented EIA procedure helps in project planning and improves the chances and acceptability of a project’s financial success. We have experience in EIA procedures for large and schedule-intensive projects.

We are a reliable and professional partner in applying for an environmental permit for our operations. We are able to handle permit matters holistically, from assessing the need for a permit and preparing an application to a final permit decision.

EIA procedures

We have the expertise and experience to implement EIA procedures that require them. We have carried out EIA procedures e.g. forest-based industries, energy industries, waste and circular industries, the chemical industry and primary production. Sweco assists its customers with all the studies required in the EIA procedure. Through us you can get e.g.

  • Noise studies and modeling (CadnaA modeling software)
  • Air quality studies and modeling (AERMOD modeling software)
  • Nature surveys and Natura assessments
  • Social impact assessment, ie SVA (eg resident surveys, workshops, interviews).
  • Landscape and cultural environment studies (eg 3D models, visual images, visibility analyzes)
  • We also negotiate EIA procedures with environmental authorities and other stakeholders.

Environmental permits

Strong environmental expertise and knowledge of legislation and regulatory activities are key to a smooth permitting process. A carefully prepared permit application creates the conditions for a favorable permit decision.

We specialize in environmental permit issues in the process and energy industries, but our expertise also covers projects in the circular economy, for example. We are also able to participate in demanding projects where the expert is required to have experience, problem-solving skills and strategic understanding. In addition to environmental permit applications, we prepare e.g. water permit applications for water management projects and emission permit applications for installations covered by emissions trading.

If necessary, we can take primary responsibility for conducting the entire permit application process and communicating with the authorities. The necessary separate investigations are also handled through us:

  • Assessment of compliance with BAT requirements
  • Monitoring plan
  • Baseline study of soil and groundwater
  • Environmental risk analysis and precautionary plan. The preparation of responses and complaints related to permit issues is also part of our service.

Sweco is a partner in the EIA and environmental permit process for the new BioEnergo One bioconversion plant

When completed, BioEnergo One will be the world’s first economically large-scale CelluAPP® bioconversion plant. It is intended to produce renewable biofuels, bioethanol and biogas from sawmill by-products. Sweco was chosen as a partner in the EIA and environmental permit process for a new type of industrial plant.


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Environmental consulting, BAT and EIA and environmental permit procedure

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Environmental management, biodiversity, EIA and environmental permit procedure

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Senior Specialist

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