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Industrial design and consulting

Carefully planned and implemented investments will strengthen the competitiveness of the industrial sector. Sweco employs experts for all phases of industrial projects, from preliminary studies to implementation. The result is efficient and economically efficient production that works safely and as environmentally friendly as possible.

We carry out sustainable design for the development of the customer’s production and consulting, engineering and project management services related to plant projects

The main business areas are energy production, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical and mining. Our market segments also include  chemical safety, circular economy, bio industry, food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and manufacturing industry.

Pre-planning phase

The project proceeds in good harmony when the objectives, responsibilities and framework conditions for the implementation of the project are clearly defined already in the pre-planning phase. We also highlight the opportunities and risks of digitalisation.

Project management

For the success of the project, it is essential that  the project management of the industrial plant is planned and resourced in advance according to the customer’s needs. We can be responsible for project management with any project model, such as alliance or EPCM.

Implementation planning

The starting point for all implementation planning is a reliable plant, easily adjustable processes and a smooth flow of information. You have access to Sweco’s local and extensive global network of experts.

Production-stage services

Demand-based servicing and maintenance, as well as monitoring operations,  keep the course in the right direction throughout the life cycle of an industrial plant, from controlled reception to commissioning and production development.

Pasi Haravuori

Sales Director

Kari Kumpulainen

Chief Customer Officer, industry

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