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Implementation planning and project management

We take on the responsibility for implementation planning and project management in plant projects according to the client’s needs. We also offer our expertise for the planning of changes and expansions.

Implementation planning

We can take responsibility for particular design tasks related to a battery industry project or the entire plant and process design. In implementation planning, we also take into account space requirements, such as clean rooms and dry rooms. Drainage wate and emissions are treated with modern scrubbers and purifiers. We also keep circular economy opportunities in mind. We find the most efficient ways to make use of industrial side streams.

Project management

In project management, we help the various operators involved in the battery value chain to carry out the investment on schedule and on budget with various methods of implementation, such as the alliance model or EPCM service. The content of the project management is always tailored according to the client’s needs. It may also cover procurement and site services. Our wide range of personnel ensures that we systematically guide the project forwards, all the way to the coordination and planning of commissioning.

Owner’s Engineer services

We provide the battery industry with reliable and independent Owner’s Engineer (OE) services. We inspect the project documentation and other things, guide the planning and design process and provide support in technology purchases. We also actively keep the line of communication open with all of the technology and equipment suppliers, which facilitates the management of the entire operating environment.

Development and alteration projects

We help design and implement expansions to existing battery plants and changes to products and processes, one step at a time. Production may be optimised and developed through energy efficiency projects, for example. Energy recovery and storage solutions help make use of heat pump technologies and the condensation heat generated by processes. Local energy recycling reduces the carbon footprint of production and increases energy self-sufficiency.


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