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Safety Index

A good risk and technical safety management tool affects operational efficiency and reduces disruption and incidents.

Is security  part of your corporate culture? Do you want to improve the level of process security in your locations? How well have you considered the risks and safety level of the machines? Is digital security a concern for your operations? Does the storage and handling of chemicals meet the requirements?

Safety Index is an assessment process that identifies, assesses and minimizes risks in selected areas. Our security index gives you a reliable picture of the security status of your operations. The process protects the company’s employees, production processes, assets and the environment. You can select many or only one of the sections in the Safety Index, which is always reviewed under the guidance of an expert in that section. The areas cover a wide range of industrial risks.

In the Safety Index result report, you get an idea of ​​the situation of your company or plant and the general level of comparison. The report sets out proposals for measures to improve safety and risk management. With the help of the security index, you can find the strengths and weaknesses of your company and manage your company’s risks.

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