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We make cities and industry more sustainable and safe

Ensuring safety and consulting

Safety planning means that we design a sustainable and safe built environment, cities and the structures and infrastructure designed for them.

Digitalisation, extreme weather phenomena, urbanisation – more and more factors affect the technical safety of the built environment  more extensively than ever before.

Whether it is a production plant, public building, infrastructure project, investment project or renovation – technical safety management determines time, quality and costs.

Our safety design experts design a sustainable and safe built environment, cities and the structures and infrastructure designed for them.

Safety is affected by several factors that are interconnected in different areas of the built environment. A project typically has several implementers, which brings challenges to managing the whole, costs and schedule.


We are an industrial security planning partner

A safe production plant is a prerequisite for responsible business.

We design the technical safety services needed by a factory or production plant, both in individual areas and as a whole. We provide quality expert services for managing and managing the overall safety of the industry. Technical safety guides everything we design. With the assessment service, we find out the current level of safety and compliance with the requirements of the production plant in the areas of process safety, cyber safety and machine safety, among others.

Good process security requires metrics and change management to work. It is necessary to know what is being monitored, against which safety is being assessed and what changes require a reassessment of the risks. Cyber ​​security is an integral part of process security, as the industrial process must be secured wherever an email account is. Machine safety covers the maintenance and purchase of machines in use. We find out the safety requirements and effects on the machine line quickly and cost-effectively.

The safety perspective goes uninterrupted from the first environmental assessment and continues to all stages of design and operation, up to the safe shutdown and dismantling of the plant. Sweco is an expert who understands the whole and offers its customers an expert service that takes into account the various aspects of security.

The starting point for safety planning is risk assessment and safety management. Security includes process and equipment security, security automation systems, compliance assessment, information flow, and change management with documentation. The information security of an industrial plant has become an important area of ​​security. We are involved in international standardization work in the field.


Chemical safety

We provide extensive toxicological and legal expertise to bring products to market and find the best possible strategic approach. We specialize in product safety, monitoring the development of related legislation and compliance solutions. Our multidisciplinary team of experts consists of toxicologists, lawyers and natural and environmental scientists.

Food safety

Sweco offers its customers in the food industry comprehensive know-how and professional skills, from preliminary production studies to the implementation of entire production plant projects.

Our experts have several years of experience in various types of implementation projects in the following different areas of the food industry:

  • Prepared food and meat products industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Bakery industry
  • The brewing and soft drink industry and the roasting industry

Cosmetic safety services include the safety reports of cosmetic products and reporting cosmetic products to the CPNP portal

The EU Cosmetic Regulation decrees that the product information of cosmetics must be reported to the CPNP, Cosmetic Product Notification Portal. When product data have been submitted and approved, the product can be launched on the market.


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