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Safety Data sheets and statutory notifications

Safety Data sheets and statutory notifications

We efficiently and professionally prepare Safety Data Sheets (SDS), chemical notifications, classifications, and packaging labels on your behalf.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a statutory document that the chemical supplier provides information on the characteristics, hazards, and safe use of the chemical for industrial and professional use.

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We prepare safety data sheets in accordance with Finnish and EU legislation. Our specialists can prepare safety data sheets based on the client’s product recipe or the supplier’s safety data sheet. With our expertise, we can prepare international safety data sheets in multiple languages, taking into account the local content requirements. Our services also include translating exposure scenarios.

In addition, we prepare packaging labels (model labels) for products in accordance with the CLP Regulation.

We prepare and maintain companies’ chemical and quantity notifications, as well as chemical lists in KemiDigi maintained by The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

Poison Center Notification (PCN) applies to mixtures classified as hazardous to health or as physical hazards. EU importers and downstream users are obliged to provide information on these mixtures to the member states in which the mixture is placed on the market. Sweco’s experts advise companies on PCN obligations and prepare the necessary poison center notifications in the portal maintained by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). If necessary, Sweco can create UFI identifiers for products and establish an ECHA account on behalf of the company.

C&L Database (Classification & Labelling database) is a database maintained by the European Chemicals Agency that contains information on the classification and labeling of chemicals in the European Union. The C&L database provides information on the hazards and risks of chemicals.

Manufacturers and importers of substances, mixtures, and articles must ensure their obligation to submit a notification of the substance to the C&L Inventory. Sweco’s experts are available to assist in identifying obligations and reporting information to the inventory.




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