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The goal is a secure data network, process technology and building services


In today’s rapidly changing world, operating secure industrial environments requires proactive identification of cyberthreats. If you want to develop cybersecurity in a timely manner, you have to monitor the global situation closely. Doing so improves the resilience of individual facilities or other industrial environments against threats and ensures that they recover from incidents faster.

Cybersecurity culture

An all-encompassing cybersecurity culture provides a solid foundation for industrial activities. The highest level of information security is achieved when the development of cybersecurity practices and processes is started as early as the pre-planning phase.

Information security consultation

Our cybersecurity-related expert services are always tailored to the site in question. We can evaluate your information security practices as early as the pre-planning phase of your facility project, providing a solid foundation for the cybersecurity of your industrial environment from the get-go. In the case of existing facilities, we can help you develop your information security culture or create an entirely new way of operating. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure the security of networks, process technology and technical building services alike.

Cybersecurity should cover the operations of the industrial environment in their entirety, which requires a multidisciplinary approach. Cybersecurity strategies, practices and details help ensure that the technologies used conform to practical requirements. We can also provide you with the expertise necessary for designing ICT networks and data analytics.

Information security of manufacturing processes

Although there are plenty of different types of industrial environments, the same information security principles apply to all of them. Biorefineries, hydrogen facilities and food factories all require information security practices that cover everything from the information technology of office facilities (IT) to production networks and process technology (OT). This ensures that not just anyone can adjust the temperatures of production facilities or make adjustments to technologies critical to processes, for example.

Cybersecurity provides a solid foundation for industrial activities and production processes. With information security in order, management can rest assured that the operations comply with the relevant information security laws, recommendations and standards. OT security, on the other hand, encompasses the company’s cybersecurity policy, information security management and the roles of IT personnel.

Information security always includes employee training, communication and operational development as well. We can guide your personnel on how to operate correctly online and your management on how to monitor IT competence within the company and typical network traffic. This ensures that abnormal activities are detected on time. Effective incident recovery also requires appropriate communication and recovery plans.

Security risk management

Cybersecurity is about comprehensive risk management. Identifying and being aware of the risks allows you to prepare for them with clear operating plans and documentation. We offer a range of methods for assessing security risks.


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