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Safety automation and functional security

Safety automation and functional security

Safety automation solutions are a way to make sure that the safety requirements of processes and machines are fulfilled. We offer management solutions for the planning of various safety systems and safety functions.

Certain control functions are critical for the process and machine risk management. The safety instrumented system (SIS) must be completely independent from the actual control system (use automation system, e.g. DCS). The safety-critical functions of machines and processes take place in the safety automation system.

Integrity level determination

If control system functions are used in risk reduction, an integrity level determination, based on risk assessment, must be performed on the control system functions. Integrity level determination is done by using standards IEC 61511 (SIL specifications, process industry) or ISO EN 13849 (PL level specifications, machinery). Both are based on the IEC 61508 standard.

SIL determinations

Safety automation planning starts with the SIL goal level determination. A SIL determination can be performed on the control functions that have been recognised as critical, based on risk assessment. Its aim is to guarantee the independence of the control functions and reliability whenever the function is needed. SIL determinations are generally done with LOPA or risk graph methods. We perform IEC 61511 standard related SIL verifications with ExSILentia software.

PL level determinations

The critical control functions of the devices covered by the requirements of the Machinery Directive, i.e. the national Machinery Decree, must be independent of other control functions. Critical control functions are recognised with the help of risk assessment and the PL level determination. Before implementation, machines and machine combinations must comply with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act as well as the Machinery Directive (Machinery Decree).

We participate in the following cooperation groups, among others:

  • Suomen riskianalyysiseura, SRA
  • MetSta machine safety standardisation group and ISO/TC/199/WG 5 (EN ISO 12100 standard’s international working group)
  • The TR5 safety working group of the Hydrogen Cluster
  • Finnish Society of Automation’s safety group, ASAF

Our experts have the following certificates and qualifications:

  • TÜV certified functional safety professional (ID TP16051222, TP21082309)
  • Certified HAZOP leader, IChemE
  • SA-03 / SA-05 Phast Advanced Training.

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