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Infrastructure and traffic

A sustainable and efficient transport system and infrastructure meet future mobility needs.

As cities grow and condense, the low-emission mobility needs of the future must be taken into account and the community structure must be developed in the long term. We design infrastructure and transportation systems that improve mobility and make people’s daily lives easier in the communities and cities of the future.

Sweco’s traffic planning experts support sustainable and resource-efficient mobility choices and intelligent mobility. Sweco is a leading rail transport expert involved in Finnish track and tram projects. We promote the use of sustainable modes of transport in land use planning and also, for example, in city bike projects.

In-depth knowledge of the operating systems and infrastructure of the transport system guarantees high-quality studies, reviews and expert services at various stages of planning. Our expertise covers pre-planning, traffic modeling, walking and cycling plans, land-use traffic planning as well as traffic and movement control.


A bright future for rail transport

Finally, in the fall of 2016, the bottles popped open and the effervescent was poured into glasses. The members of the Tram Alliance planning the Tampere tram had just found out that the city council had approved the plans for the development phase of the Tram Alliance, which made it possible to move on to the implementation phase. Construction work on the 15-kilometer-long tramway in Tampere started at a rapid pace as early as the end of 2016.

For the first time in more than a hundred years, a completely new tram system was developed and built in Finland.

Tampereen ratikka
Raide-Jokeri Forerunners of the carbon-neutral city
City bicycles City bikes are here to stay!
Kaupunkipyöräilystä on tullut tiivis osa suomalaista urbaania kaupunkielämää.
Flood planning Pudasjärvi
Pudasjärven tulvasuunnittelu
Stormwater planning Sastamala

Jori Lehtikangas

Track design

Mikko Rislakki

Technical systems for rail transport

Timo Cronvall

Infrastructure and skills structures

Minna Weurlander

Land use, transport and environment

Jani Rantalainen

City infrastructure

Antti Ryynänen

Water supply, stormwater

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