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Bridges and engineering structures

We are specialised in the engineering of large bridges and are developing increasingly more durable and competitive bridge and engineering structure solutions. Our experts are professional bridge engineers.

Bridge design and building

As a top bridge designer, we offer bridge requirement assessment, preliminary planning, general planning and structural engineering services. We develop solutions for bridges of varying sizes and types, from small street bridges to large-scale concrete and steel structures.

We also excel at designing water-crossing bridges and have been developing strong and competitive bridge solutions for decades.

We renovate railway bridges without interrupting the rail traffic. We listen to our clients and strive to find them the best possible solution, whether it be a cost-effective bridge, impressive landmark, or minimal interruptions in traffic during construction. We have mastered concrete, steel and wood.

Engineering structures

In addition to bridges, we design many kinds of urban, road and railway environment structures, from fountains to loading platforms. Our portfolio includes:

  • Pile slabs
  • Supporting walls
  • Steps
  • Noise walls
  • Railway environment structures

Repair planning

We make repair and modification plans for railway, street and road structures.  We have worked on busy roads and quieter residential areas.  We know the best methods of repairing concrete, steel and wooden structures  and offer our clients solutions that meet their investment criteria.

We ensure that our solutions cause minimal disruptions to traffic.  In railway projects, our aim is always to repair bridges without interrupting the rail traffic. The same applies to projects involving car traffic.

The most demanding projects in our portfolio have been bridges bearing heavy loads or bridges that are longer than 500 metres. Smaller projects have included concrete and stone bridges.  Repair planning refers to bridge restoration or extension of a bridge’s repair cycle or life cycle.  Modification planning means improving a bridge’s quality and renovating it to meet new traffic requirements, widening the bridge, adding new structures or modifying the bridge to serve new purposes.

Condition and load-bearing capacity inspections

We are a qualified and experienced inspector of infrastructures.  Our services include annual inspections, general inspections and comprehensive special inspections of bridges, tunnels and water structures.

We also provide structural and geotechnical investigations and reports.  In addition to condition inspections, we assess the load-bearing capacity of structures, railways and engineering structures in street and road environment.

We offer expertise in assessing the load-bearing capacity of old steel and concrete bridges and their substructures.  We have also been consulted for monitoring projects.

Our most challenging projects have been dam structures and large steel lattice structures, where the objective was to determine the structures’ remaining useful life, inspect their safety and usability, assess their need for repair and find the most cost-effective repair solution.

Sweco’s large international bridge design network and experts around Europe work in close cooperation to develop solutions for special structures and projects.



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Structural design of rail traffic

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Bridges and engineering structures

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