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Building history reports

The Building History Report  provides information about a building or group of buildings, its history, characteristics, values ​​and significance.

In most cases, a building history report is prepared to support the renovation planning of the building. In this case, the main goal of the study is to highlight the characteristics and values ​​that are essential to consider and maintain in the design and implementation of the repair. The building history report can also serve as initial data and inventory material in connection with the preparation of the town plan or in support of decision-making when discussing the protection or demolition of a building. Sometimes the main purpose of a building history survey is to document the building being demolished.

The purpose of a building history survey is to help understand buildings both in and of themselves as part of their environment. The subject of the study can be either a single building, a structure (such as a bridge) or a whole made up of several buildings. The study describes the history and current state of the site, examining the relationship between them, ranging from the construction of the site to the present. The report includes an analysis of what is valuable, cherished and protected in the site.

Typically, a building history report includes the history of the construction and use of the target building as well as a description of the building itself and as part of its surroundings. The report describes the original features of the building, the current situation, the changes made to the building over time, and the preservation of the building and its stylistic features, structures and building components. The conclusions are the typical characteristics and values ​​of the building, which should be taken into account in the planning of its future. The content of the report is always specified together with the subscriber to meet the subscriber’s needs.

Instead of a building history report, a building characteristics report can also be prepared. It is a slightly narrower study than the building history study, with an emphasis on describing the characteristics of the building.

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