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Landscape design

Comfortable streets, yards, parks and recreational areas are important to all of us. A landscape designer ties together well-functioning built environments and a sustainable green and blue network. Urban green spaces provide wellbeing to people and room for diverse nature.

Comprehensively sustainable urban environments

All of our landscape design services are based on sustainable landscape construction (KESY). Our aim is to create green, safe and accessible urban environments. Our landscape designers contribute towards a comprehensively sustainable society, with room for both people and nature – a place where the closest green oasis is only a short distance away.

It is important to ensure that the sustainability and responsibility angles cover the entire building project, from planning to implementation. The effects of construction can be reduced, prevented and compensated for by restoring green environments, planting trees and protecting the habitats of endangered animals, for example.

Sustainable decisions require that we are able to combine different angles of approach, which is why we offer our clients multi-professional assistance. In addition to landscape design, we can provide you with experts in storm water run-off management and environmental consultation.

Solutions based on nature

Solutions based on nature

Solutions that are based on nature itself are an important part of all landscape design work. These solutions are used to create sustainable green areas that are also cost-effective to maintain, to save culturally valuable environments, and to protect biodiversity including the soil, bodies of water, plants and animals.

It is vital for a landscape designer to be included in the decision-making of an area development or infrastructure project from the very start. That allows us to help municipalities, cities, companies and construction operators to take advantage of the full potential of nature-based solutions. In every project, it is possible to increase the amount of urban greenery, recycle soil or achieve local detention of storm water. We use the Green Factor Tool, among other things, in our landscape design work.

Designing parks and yards

Our landscape designers are very familiar with the users of parks, marketplaces and squares, which allows us to offer functioning solutions for applications such as children’s playparks, urban green spaces and dog parks. We also have extensive experience with the requirements of cemeteries and other special green areas, for example when it comes to their planted vegetation.

In addition to parks, greenness and cosiness are important elements in the design of yard areas and decks above underground facilities that belong to public buildings, schools, care homes and residential buildings. Furthermore, outdoor area designs are needed at hospitals, industrial plants and in agricultural environments. We will help clients choose the furniture, activities, materials and plants that inspire the users of these areas. Yards and parks can also be made livelier with environmental art.

Competence in accessibility becomes emphasised when designing yard areas and parks. Our trained experts can carry out accessibility surveys. We take accessibility extensively into account, so that people with visual impairment or physical disabilities, as well as people with prams or rollators, can use an area safely and comfortably.

Route design

Greenery is used to increase the comfort and safety of streets, roads, tracks and waterways. As sustainable mobility modes are becoming more common, the need for green design is also increasing, particularly when it comes to public transport routes, tram stops, and park and ride stations. We can also provide you with expert help in traffic planning as well as road, street and reginal planning.

Building information modelling offers new opportunities to landscape design. 3D information models can be used to illustrate the space requirements of tree roots during a road or street project, for example. We also take advantage of mock ups and visualisations in project communications and engage users through surveys and workshops. It is important for local residents to see in advance what their familiar surroundings will look life after any alterations.

Designing outdoor recreation and play areas

Cosy local exercise and meeting places for people of various ages are needed in the increasingly dense urban environment. We help clients design sports fields, outdoor recreation areas, swimming spots and exercise parks that offer activities to people of all ages. Sports parks are often placed near schools and other public buildings, which allows frisbee golf courses, ice skating rinks, skateparks and nature trails to serve the area’s residents on a wider scale.

We provide certified playground designers for playground planning. They will make sure that the relevant standards and safety aspects are taken into account, alongside user preferences and functional requirements. We also help clients design low-carbon playgrounds, which can, for example, take advantage of recycled materials in their construction.

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Landscape design

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