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Rock engineering and geology

Our experts are ready to help you with all challenges related to rock engineering, geology, and rock mechanics in your project. We have been involved in several significant underground and above ground rock engineering projects, designing a new sustainable urban environment, traffic routes, and enabling the transition of green energy. Contact our experts and ask more about our services when you need help with rock engineering or geology!

Rock engineering, geology, and rock mechanics

Our expertise comprehensively covers the design of underground rock spaces and aboveground rock structures, from preliminary studies to detailed designing and site services and later to maintenance designing. We can also act as the main designer of an underground rock facility design project and participate in the layout design. In addition, we have specialized in inspections of old rock spaces and slopes and their repair planning. Our strength lies in seamless cooperation with other design disciplines and teams in extensive and demanding mobility, industrial and construction projects and in different project formats from traditional models to alliances and EPCM assignments.

Rock engineering has become more and more important and common in Finland in recent decades as important infrastructure, such as rail traffic, parking and water supply have increasingly begun to be placed underground in bedrock. This frees up space on the ground for other activities and, on the other hand, enables a safe and undisturbed environment for critical functions in society. In addition, new fossil-free forms of energy production, such as wind turbines, small-scale nuclear power plants and heating and cooling plants, as well as energy storages, needs reliable and cost-effective rock engineering as part of a large and long-term investment.

Many underground spaces and rock slopes built in Finland during the 1900s are reaching the end of their technical service life, and their original design and implementation no longer meet today’s technical and safety requirements. This creates a need for inspections, surveys and repair planning of old rock slopes, shafts, railway and other tunnels and rock shelters. In addition, old rock spaces can be modified or expanded to meet new uses.

Our services for rock engineering design, geology, and rock mechanics:

Rock engineering

  • Excavation, reinforcement, grouting, and drainage system planning. Expert supervision of an excavation site and site services. Main and layout designing of underground rock spaces.
  • Cost and mass calculations of rock excavation sites
  • Design of bedrock foundations and rock anchoring of concrete and steel structures. Load-bearing capacity assessments of bored pile foundations for bridges
  • Photogrammetric analyses of tunnels and rock cuts and 3D modelling
  • Condition surveys of tunnels, shafts and rock slopes, inspection services with official qualifications and repair planning
  • Expert services in charging and blasting technology as well as vibration measurements.


  • Geological preliminary surveys, such as desktop studies, site characterizations and constructability studies
  • Bedrock and construction geological surveys for various purposes in terrain, rock spaces, quarries, and rock slopes
  • Bedrock investigation planning and implementation
  • Drill core and hole imaging logging for rock quality classifications and statements
  • Interpretation of the results of rock investigations and 2D and 3D modelling of the results
  • Rock aggregate investigations and laboratory services, sampling, and quality control of rock material
  • Petrographic studies of rock samples and rock thin sections

Rock mechanics and special services

  • Rock mechanical modelling with 2D and 3D softwares, calculation and design of monitoring systems
  • Statements on rock stress and other expert services related to rock mechanics.
  • Rock mechanical laboratory testing
  • Geo-energy modelling for heat wells and energy storages
  • Geophysical research services

Heikki Saarikivi

Department Manager

Juho Rahko

Team Leader

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