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Rock structures

Our experts can design rock structures, and we also provide extensive rock and geological consultation services.

Rock structures and geology

We have participated in major projects, planning reinforcements for demanding rock slopes, structures for the mouths of old tunnels and repairs to the surface structures of several tunnels.

Our services include:

  • Excavation, reinforcement and injection plans for even the most demanding of rock structures
  • Geological surveys, petrography, ore reserve estimates, aggregate reviews, groundwater reviews
  • Designs for foundations constructed on rock, and rock-anchored concrete and steel structures
  • Rock mechanics laboratory testing, modelling, calculations and monitoring system designs
  • Photogrammetric analyses of tunnels and rock slopes, and 3D modelling
  • Condition surveys and inspection services for tunnels and rock slopes
  • Rock stress reports and other rock-related expert services.

Topias Siren

Rock structures
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