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Rail designs and technology

Sweco is the leading rail transport expert in Finland and Northern Europe. Our expertise covers the entire Finnish state rail network, and the design and expert services connected to railway and tram traffic plans for private tracks.

The leading rail transport expert in Finland and Northern Europe

Our expertise covers the entire Finnish state rail network, and the design and expert services connected to railway and tram traffic plans for private tracks. Our rail technology services include professional work on railway lines’ surface structures, rail markings and technical systems, in particular.

Finland has the world’s most ambitious climate goals, and the role of transport – rail transport in particular – is pivotal. We are currently taking part in all of Finland’s existing tram projects and in many other important planning projects aiming to create a sustainable society.


Railway and tram designs

We provide our customers with rail design services, including route planning, rail structures, dewatering, station areas and the improvement of service levels, safety and capacity throughout the entire lifecycle of a rail project. We are intimately familiar with the entire railway network’s features and lead large-scale multi-technology planning projects. We have participated in alliance, ST, and public-private-partnership projects, and are familiar with their operating principles. We carry out close cooperation with other operators in the field, including customer organisations, authorities, education providers and professionals in the fields of construction, maintenance, and transport.

Electrical engineering

Our electrical engineering services cover everything related to the electrification of railways, from electric railway designs to feed stations. Our other services include lighting, earthing and other electrical engineering designs for rail transport environments.

Safety equipment technology

Our safety equipment technology services cover all design and expert services related to railway safety equipment, such as safety equipment designs for tracks and level crossings, commissioning and inspection of safety equipment, alteration plans for safety equipment systems, and planning and implementation of access control systems of trains.

Railway safety

With the help of continuous and pre-planned risk management, it is possible to facilitate the implementation of the project in accordance with the set goals. Our experts’ diverse experience in various rail transport projects guarantees the best possible work in the various phases of projects, from the general design stage to commissioning. In addition, we implement CSR risk management in accordance with the Commission Regulation (402/2013). We are also involved in the safety tasks of rail traffic design and construction switches. We effortlessly prepare safety documents for the design partner, main contractor or builder. In addition, we work in construction projects in the roles of safety manager or safety coordinator.

Our rail design experts are the only ones in Finland who are familiar with all the safety equipment systems used in the Finnish railway network.

Joona Malmivaara

Security and risk management, Helsinki

Max Lagerström

Track design, Southern Finland

Antti Soisalo

Track design, Western Finland

Sami Laakso

Track design, Eastern Finland

Outi Toivonen

Tram design

Tuomo Lamberg

Exports and international projects

Tero Savolainen

Private tracks and railway technology

Petri Siren

Technical systems, electrical engineering, Helsinki

Jan Tiri

Commissioning of security devices, Helsinki

Janne Toljola

Technical systems for rail traffic, Tampere

Esa Jukuri

Technical systems for rail transport, Oulu

Minna Latva-Käyrä

Safety device designer

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