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Transport advice

The purpose of transport advice is to reduce the use of cars and increase the popularity of public transport and other mobility services, as well as walking and cycling.


Our transport advice services include guidance, transport planning, and service development and coordination. The intention is to achieve a more sustainable society through this advice, in addition to which it also provides financial benefits. Fewer cars on the roads allows a city to use the freed up space more efficiently, and businesses can save on their parking fees while their employees become healthier and more efficient.

For cities and municipalities

Our transport advice services are linked to walking, cycling and public transport plans.For example, programmes promoting walking and cycling include a specific target route network, but also relevant services and communications. We also create service development plans and carry out individual communications projects pertaining to transport advice.

The target group of a transport advice project may include all the residents of an area or a more specific group, such as schoolchildren.A city or a municipality can also run transport advice projects as an employer for its employees.

Cities and municipalities can receive government grants for transport advice projects  from Traficom, covering 75% of the project costs. Additionally, we can help cities and municipalities create applications for these grants.

For businesses and associations

We offer an extensive combination of services, including updating the responsibility programme’s transport section, auditing and creating transport plans for individual branches.In addition to the wellbeing and space use aspects, all of Sweco’s transport advice services for businesses are heavily focused on communications.Employees’ use of sustainable transport modes enhances their company’s reputation as a responsible and progressive employer. Moreover, sustainable transport services and arrangements provided to customers are visible building blocks of a responsible brand.

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Transport advice and communication

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