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We design increasingly sustainable and safe transport and traffic arrangements

We believe that sustainable transport should be planned holistically and developed with an open mind. Whether your challenges involve walking, cycling, city bikes or other mobility services, public transport, traffic control or an entire sustainable transport system, Sweco will have the answer.

Traffic planning plays a key role when we want to make society more sustainable and prioritise cost-effective development measures. Our traffic planning expertise covers all zoning and design phases, all the way to the traffic arrangements during construction.  We also have extensive expertise in various types of design and development projects in public transport, as well as a comprehensive understanding of how public transport authorities operate.

Promoting walking and cycling is a way to create a more ecological, vibrant, functional and attractive city and a living environment that is also safer.

We create reviews and promotion programmes on walking and cycling, and design bike lanes and routes for both urban and natural settings.  In addition to normal day-to-day cycling, we create reviews, strategies and plans for cycling tourism.

We are Finland’s leading expert consultant on city bike systems, and we have been part in making Helsinki’s city bikes one of the world’s most popular bicycle systems. Furthermore, we are continuously introducing the scheme to other cities around the country.

Our designers create target cycling networks, general plans for bike lanes, traffic control plans and construction plans for bike lanes. We are highly experienced in designing bicycle parking, both in terms of general and implementation plans, for example in the form of park-and-ride facilities for bicycles near stations.


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