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Water management

The environmental effects of communities and industry are controlled through the means of sustainable design, technology and legislation. Sweco’s water and environmental experts offer their water management services in reducing emissions, reutilising waste and ensuring that company operations meet all requirements. We also design solutions that will reduce the climate impact and help society adjust to climate change.

At Sweco, we are designing functional and sustainable water supply systems for communities and industry. We are also developing solutions that reduce climate impact and adapt society to climate change.

We offer pre- and general design of water supply and sewage and transfer pipelines, as well as construction planning for all locations, ranging from pressurised sewage networks in dispersed settlements to networks in city centres and extensive transfer lines.

We manage the planning of renovations carried out by both excavated and non-excavated methods and are aware of the challenges posed by the dense urban structure.

We prepare dimensioning and capacity examinations and modeling of water supply, sewage and storm water networks, as well as functional design and optimization of water transmission and pumping systems. In addition, we provide water management asset management services.

In addition to our water management design services, we provide supervision and construction services for construction and renovation sites within the network. We at Sweco are able to plan renovations that involve either digging or no-dig methods, and we are familiar with challenges brought on by dense urban structures.

Water supply networks

  • General and construction plans for water supply networks and transfer lines
  • Pipeline and cable transfers
  • Gas and district heating pipes
  • Network renovation, no-dig methods
  • Pumping stations, booster stations and utility chambers
  • Network modelling, functional planning, capacity reviews, water hammer calculations (Fluidit simulation software)
  • Landowner permissions and contracts
  • Permits to build under bodies of water, or in areas of road or track
  • Development and control
  • Safety coordinator’s duties
  • Commissioning plans, commissioner’s expert duties

Water management plants

  • Water intake facilities (surface and groundwater)
  • Water treatment plants (surface and groundwater)
  • Regulator stations
  • Water towers and underground water tanks
  • Wastewater pumping stations and treatment plants
  • Sludge reception and processing
  • All the facilities’ planning stages and fields of engineering:
  • Pre-, general and implementation plans
  • Process and layout plans
  • HVAC, electricity, automation, machinery, piping, structural and geotechnical engineering
  • Turnkey designs and implementation plans
  • Data and virtual models
  • Construction, procurement and serving as the commissioner’s expert
  • Supervision

Water management consultation services

  • Development plans for municipal water management
  • Determining the areas of operation
  • Development plans for local water management
  • Preparation plans (WSP/SSP)
  • Water supply plant’s finances and charges, corporatisation assessments
  • Consultation for water supply plant’s management
  • Water management reviews during zoning
  • Network metering (monitoring) plans, district metering systems
  • General plan for network valves

Water supply asset management

  • Development of planned asset management, project plans
  • Knowledge management, spatial data analysis
  • Coordination of network and plant surveys and measurements
  • Management maps, digitization, network information system development projects
  • Network and plant restructuring needs studies and programs
  • Financial modeling and payment planning

Surface run-off plans

  • Delaying, filtering and absorption structures
  • Run-off networks and pumping stations
  • Quality and treatment of run-off
  • Natural run-off management
  • Landscape and green area planning
  • Surface run-off reviews in zoning
  • Run-off and flood models (Fluidit)
  • Municipal run-off strategies and programmes
  • Municipal-run-off systems and charges
  • Identifying run-off flood risks; flood preparations

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Water and Environment

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Water supply asset management

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Water supply, Helsinki

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Water supply, Oulu

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Water supply, Turku

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