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Developing a sustainable society is more brave and inspiring than ever before.

Developing a sustainable society is more brave and inspiring than ever before

Sustainable solutions are at the heart of our business. The need to share knowledge and take joint action is more important than ever.

We have always harnessed our wide-ranging expertise to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and design a more sustainable society, and our goal has never been more relevant, bolder and inspiring than it is today.

Together with our customers and our 18,000 experts, we tackle the challenges of urbanization and the opportunities of digitalisation and create solutions that contribute to the development of a more sustainable society.

The goal of the Sanna Marin government program (2019) is for Finland to be carbon-neutral by 2035 and the first fossil-free welfare society. This will require accelerated emission reductions in all sectors and the strengthening of carbon sinks. The goal is ambitious by all measures. The energy industry plays a key role in reducing overall emissions.

Sweco is a major expert in the built environment and industry in Finland and around the world. This means that the choices we make also have an exceptionally large impact. Sustainability has always been part of what we do every day: it has guided our work and helped us design the cities and solutions of the future together with our customers.

How do we design more sustainable and safer cities and society?

At Sweco, architects, engineers and environmental experts work together to design the cities of the future and a more sustainable society. Our expertise is more relevant than ever before, helping to prepare our customers and society for climate change, urbanization and digitalisation.

Sustainability plays a crucial role in Sweco’s daily work. Sweco’s annual corporate responsibility report and our numerous projects tell us about our work to promote sustainable development.

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Sustainability target

We have high global ambitions and aim to be climate neutral no later than 2040.

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Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability forms an internal part of Sweco´s business and strategy.

Sweco Impact

Sustainability Report

Sustainability plays a crucial role in Sweco’s daily work.

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How do different urban structures respond to people’s needs and aspirations, and how does this affect the way we design and implement sustainable and attractive urban areas?

The theme for Urban Insight 2021 is Urban Health & Wellbeing.

The theme Urban Health and Well-Being highlights three main areas of interest. Healthy mobility, healthy buildings and cities, and healthy water systems. These are key to raising the overall health of citizens and mitigating the impact of climate change in our urban societies. We aim to bring together experts to build better societies of the future. Share our knowledge and yours through Urban Insight.

We have a plan

Piece by piece, our expertise has grown to cover a wide range of built environment and sustainable business expertise. As the latest acquisitions, we have combined our expertise with Gaia Consulting Oy. Together, we are able to offer a comprehensive strategic and operational level service package in the field of sustainable business.

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time. That is why we at Sweco have decided to be carbon neutral in Finland by 2030 and globally by 2040. Although we have always taken the environment and sustainable development into account in our design work, we still have a long way to go. We also recognize our handprint through our customer projects.  Our goal is to reduce our own footprint and to have the greatest possible impact on our handprint, ie sustainability-friendly solutions. In order to help our customers meet their own climate goals, we need to have a clear idea of ​​how we take care of our share. We have a plan.


Welcome to the Urban Insight podcast – where science, facts, data and expertise mix with entertainment and an interest in planning and developing future sustainable societies.

While the race is on to reduce emissions in Europe’s cities, how can they create a long-term net-zero future and move to a circular economy. How do you make a city completely circular and what should the first steps be?

In this new podcast episode Sweco look at what’s required to make a shift in mindset and how cities should start going about this work and take actions towards circularity. While there are several common challenges that all cities face, it is also clear that cities are uniquely positioned to drive this transition. Together with experts we look at what it would take to make a city completely circular and what other cities could learn from it.

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Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the UN Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development  and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will steer the promotion of sustainable development in 2016–2030. They aim at the eradication of extreme poverty from the world and at ensuring wellbeing in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The 2030 Agenda includes 17 different goals that are related to sustainable development. These goals are to be met by 2030.

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