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Circular economy in demolition projects

Circular economy in demolition projects

Our services in the field of circular economy cover the entire project life cycle with different planning areas. We plan our services on a case-by-case basis to meet customer´s need. We bring our experience from the implementation stages of industrial projects to support the initial development work of various projects and promote the circular economy in real estate demolition projects.

Improve on circular economy in demolition projects

In terms of the efficient use of resources, it would be best if the buildings were used for as long as possible and demolition should be considered only when there are no other alternatives. However, if we end up with demolition, we will create opportunities for the reuse and utilization of building parts as material.

It is recommended to carry out a demolition survey during the planning phase of the acquisition. Based on the survey, circular economy goals are set for the demolition project and its realization ensured as part of the supervision of the demolition work.

A high-quality demolition survey and well-executed demolition planning and supervision help to improve a circular economy, avoid risks and reduce the costs of demolition work.

Procurement planning

  • Together with the customer, we go over the property’s repair/demolition needs, taking into account the goals and, if necessary, the cost calculator calculates the cost estimate for the different options.
  • Demolition survey:
    • An asbestos and harmful substance survey is carried out
    • A survey of other non-harmful demolition materials will be made and recommendations will be made for their separate collection
    • Movables, construction parts and materials suitability for reuse are identified, and options for delivering them for reuse are presented
    • Let’s estimate the demolition quantities

Procurement phase

  • Commercial documents are prepared for the tender
  • Circular economy targets are set for the demolition contract based on the demolition material survey
  • It is ensured that there is a permit for the demolition and that all the necessary information about the demolition site exists and available, so that the demolition work can be carried out safely and according to the plans

Execution of demolition works

  • Monitoring of AHA and general demolition is carried out
  • The material recycling, utilization and final disposal rates of the site’s demolition waste are calculated. If the actual information on waste types and quantities deviates significantly from the information in the preliminary demolition material survey, the reasons for the deviations will be investigated
  • We will check that the necessary documents for the demolition work exist
  • We also check the implementation and final result of the project in accordance with the plans and the contract


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